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Designer and Manufacturer of Original Fragrances and Natural Products with Essential Oils
under the brands Paris Elysees, Le Parfum de France and E2 Essential Elements.
The Paris Elysees Group is present on five continents and opens new markets each year for its brands and products.
Design, Formulation, Manufacturing and Distribution of Natural and Perfumery Products through our subsidiaries all around the world.
With more than 30 years of history in Perfumes and Cosmetics, Paris Elysees Group has distributed more than 250 million perfumery products worldwide and has operating subsidiaries on five continents.

Timeline & History
Paris Elysees Group


Group's Creation

Registration of “Paris Elysees” brand at INPI and creation of the first company by Mr. JJ. Vola.
Setting up of our facilities in India dedicated to glassware and bottling.


Opening of our Factory in India

100% takeover of Indian production company.


Opening of Middle East Markets

Opening of the Middle East markets, first major partners of the group: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan, Yemen …


Opening of the Russian Market

Opening of another of our historic market: Russia.
After the fall of the Berlin wall, Paris Elysees becomes the first fragrance brand to establish itself on the Russian market.


Spanish Subsidiary

Creation of company Parfums de Grasse, based in Barcelona, intended for the import-export of Paris Elysees and Le Parfum de France perfumes.


Brazilian Subsidiary

Creation of the Brazilian branch to import and sell Paris Elysees perfume products in Brazil and Latin America.


First Internet Website

The Group launches its first website dedicated to the sale and exhibition of Paris Elysees perfume products.


Two Hundred Millions Perfumes

The Group passes the 200 million perfume products distributed worldwide.


Laboratoires Paris Elysees

Creation of Laboratoires Paris Elysees in order to formulate 100% natural products under the registered trademark E2 Essential Elements as well as under white label.


Opening American Market

Opening of the distribution company for the markets of North, South and Latin America (excluding Brazil).


Digital Development

Creation of an internal team responsible for developing the Group’s activities in the digital world (social networks, e-commerce, digital distribution).


... And Now!

Development project in China, India the Middle-East and Africa, new exclusive products, consolidation in Europe and the Americas, re-design of certain lines of products…

From Madagascar to Jaipur, from Grasse to Barcelona, Paris and Rio de Janeiro, follow in the footsteps of our odyssey, where all our compositions come to life …

JJ.VOLA – Founder of the Group.

Companies & Organization
Paris Elysees Group

The Group is organized around a main production structure based in India and is headed by the leading distribution company located in Europe for the design and conception of its products.
The Group opens subsidiaries almost every year to promote and distribute its cosmetics and perfumery brands and products all over the world.


Parfums de Grasse

Corporate trading and marketing office and also activities of trading in plant-based and organic raw materials.

Parfums de Grasse
Carrer Sor Eulalia d’Anzizu 44 1/1,
08034 Barcelona, Spain.


Paris Elysees Diffusion

Marketing of Paris Elysees Group perfumery and cosmetic products in the European Union, Eastern Europe and export markets

Paris Elysees Diffusion
28 Route de Menin
7700 Mouscron, Belgique


Parfums de France

Marketing and diffusion of Paris Elysees group’s perfume and cosmetic products on the Brazilian market.

Parfums de France
Rodovia EE. de Oliveira Penteado, Galpão 1
Indaiatuba SP, Brazil.


Paris Elysees India

Main industrial unit of the Paris Elysees group. Manufacturing and distribution of the group’s products in India.

Paris Elysees India
Maho Pearl Pride 201, C-scheme, Vivekanand Marg,
302001 Jaipur, Rajhastan, India.


Laboratoires Paris Elysees

Develops and distributes 100% organic products dedicated to well-being and health prevention. Owners of its formulas and research.

Laboratoires Paris Elysees
28 Route de Menin
7700 Mouscron, Belgique


Paris Elysees Perfumes

American subsidiary for the distribution of cosmetics and perfumery products in North America.

Paris Elysees Perfumes
15400 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 102
North Miami Beach, FL 33160 USA.

Click on the sign below to close or open some pictures of our main facility in Jaipur, Rajhastan, India.

Paris Elysees Group main factory in Jaipur, Rajhastan, India.

Paris Elysees Group About Us

Paris Elysees Group

International Fairs & Exhibitions

Paris Elysees Group presents its brands and products at numerous international trade fairs every year; Vivaness in Germany, CosmoProf in Hong Kong, Italy and the USA as well as many others all around the globe.

Group Supply Chain
Paris Elysees Group

The Group sources its natural raw materials from around the world and controls its supply chain for an optimal price / quality ratio.


1) Raw Material Suppliers

We work only with certified suppliers recognized in the profession.

2) Internal & External Quality Control

Controls are carried out throughout the supply chain both internally and externally.

3) Internal & External Evaluation

Product quality and processes are regularly evaluated by an independent laboratory.

4) Formulation in our Laboratories

Our original formulas are created and developed in our laboratories of Grasse, South France.

5) Manufacturing in our Facilities

The production of the finished product is also carried out in-house at our factory in Jaipur, India.

Paris Elysees Group About Us

Creation Process
Paris Elysees Group

Evaluation, creation, manufacturing and distribution are carried out by internal teams within the Group in order to control quality and costs.

Market Assessment

Ongoing market analysis and increased knowledge of our customers allow us to assess market needs. Our structure allows us to react very quickly to a launch or a trend.

Product Creation

The creative office offers three different universes for the final products. A direction is chosen, fragrances are developed and then selected according to the style and trend.


The whole production process is carried out in our premises. Quality controls are established between each mesh in the production chain in order to ensure product-dependent quality.


Our marketing office will create the content of the product communication. The sales departments set up a schedule and launch operations for each new product.

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Paris Elysees Group About Us

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